ZCash Casinos – Anonymous Crypto Gambling

Zcash is slowly gaining its roots in the crypto currency world, making it a popular choice for people that think they are behind the Bitcoin race. With the design of Zcash and how it is made somewhat similarly to Bitcoin, but with its complete privacy, people now rather choose to mine, buy, and gamble using Zcash. If you are looking for Bitcoin Casinos – take a look at this website.

Zcash was introduced and launched in 2016 and became popular in the gambling scene because of its nature of being anonymous. Unlike its big brother, Bitcoin, all transactions with Zcash can be made easily private by hiding the transaction information like the sender, and recipient of the crypto currency from the blockchain.

Gambling with the use of Zcash

If you have been gambling using crypto currencies, then using Zcash would be easier for you to understand. Just like any other coins out there today that can be used in online casino websites, Zcash has their own wallet and addresses which you are able to connect to any casinos that accept the coin. If you are new to Zcash, you can easily learn more about it through their official website which can be accessed here.

Websites that accepts Zcash as a currency

Knowing that there are online casinos out there that accept Zcash as a currency is one thing, but knowing which websites actually accept the coin is another. Today, we will be talking about the websites that accept the currency and the features they have and promote for people that are interested in gambling using their Zcash currency.

Below are the websites that currently accept Zcash.

Zcash Gambling with 1xbit.com

Creating an account with 1xbit.com as easy as you might imagine it would be. Register an account; choose which currency you want to play with, in our case mZEC and start exploring their website. The first thing I noticed was their sports book.

1xbit.com is not just an online casino website, but it is also a full-fledged sportsbook wherein you are able to bet on your favorite sports at. From Football to Biathlon to eSports games, you can easily find a match and odds listing here at 1xbitcom. To get to their sportsbook listings, all you need to do is click on the “Sports” tab and you will be redirected to a very long list of options you are able to bet on.

1xbit.com Live Games – Here at 1xbit.com, you are able to choose from two different live games tab. The first one would be the “Live” tab that includes all sorts of live games that are happening across the globe or the country you are playing at. They also have live previews of current playing sports and eSports games that are happening.

The second tab for the live games would be their “Live Casino” tab. With this tab, you are able to choose which game provider you want to go with. To name a few we’ve got Extreme Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Asia Gaming, and a lot more! All you need to do is click on any familiar game provider and you will be redirected to their live games lobby. Once inside the lobby, you are able to choose a handler name and an avatar. Games provided are Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and a bunch of numbers games. See the screenshot below with one of their live Roulette tables.

1xbit.com Games – Aside from the live games they offer, here at 1xbit.com you are of course, able to play regular games. You can choose from a myriad of listed games from Blackjack, Scratch lottery, Slots, Dice Games, and Poker just to name a few. They actually have a lot of games to choose from and some can even be downloaded as an App. For example, their Poker tab can be played through an App you can download from PlayStore or the AppStore.

1xbit.com Conclusion – The website design isn’t the best in the world as all of the games are scattered in different tabs in which you would find yourself lost in just minutes! They do however have a fast responding website, which is always great when it comes to online casinos. Their live chat feature serves as the point of contact for issues that need immediate resolution. No FREE PLAY is provided for their games, which is a minus for me. All-in-all, this is a good place for you to gamble using your Zcash coins.


Zcash Gambling with Zecvideocasino.com

Zecvideocasino.com has a retro vibe that contains all your retro needs. One great thing about Zecvideocasino is that you do not need to create an account to start playing. A random account is created for you every time you log into their website, making your identity secured and of course, cutting the registration process to zero.

Zecvideocasino.com Games

Here at Zecvideocasino.com, you are able to choose between 7 games. These games are namely Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Slots, and Dice. If you want to play a game with them, all you need to do is visit their website and you are ready to go! Since you do not need to register an account, you just need to pick a game and you can start playing.

Another feature of this website would be their FREE PLAY option which visitors are able to enjoy! In addition, Zecvideocasino has Provably Fair in all their featured games online. Not only that, they also have an additional Referral Program in which people are able to take advantage of. Once on their website, just click on the “Referral Program” tab and you will be given a unique referral link which you are able to use and start earning. Referral payouts can reach up to 25% of house edge, so yes, they give out serious rewards.

Zecvideocasino.com Conclusion – It is not that hard to like this website due to the simplicity it brings. Though it is obvious that if you are a person that loves diversity, then this is not a place for you to play at! Remember that they only have one game per genre, so do not expect to have options. The games respond fast and are not “laggy”, though they do need a better contact point for customer service as they only work with email. The referral program is always a plus when it comes to online casino websites. All-in-all, this website is good for people that do not mind playing the same game over and over again. If you want diversity, keep away from this website.


Zcash Online Casino Currency Conclusion

As of today, there aren’t that much available online casino websites that accept ZEC (Zcash) as a currency to play their games. But due to its popularity in the past few months, it cannot be denied that this currency will be a staple in casinos within the next few years. Remember, a crypto currency creates its value if people start using it frequently. Getting a currency moving within online casinos is great for the economy of a certain coin, and definitely, Zcash is getting into that position.

The big Zcash FAQ:

What is Zcash?

Zcash (ZEC) is an open source cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin protocol that, through its decentralized system, offers full transparency and privacy of transactions to its network of users. Zcash has its own public blockchain but the data related to transactions (such as the sender, recipient and size) are kept confidential. Despite being created based on Bitcoin, ZEC seeks to keep its network totally anonymous through the Knowledge Protocol Zero (ZKP), which is the linchpin for the rigorous privacy aspect of this cryptocurrency.

How to mine Zcash?

The first step in mining Zcash is to install the drivers for the chosen video card. For example; If the user is going to use an AMD GPU, they will have to go to the official AMD page and download the necessary driver for ZEC mining. Make sure the driver installation was successful and proceed to restart the computer. Install a video card and choose a wallet (it can be a hardware wallet or the official Zcash service). You will finally be able to continue mining Zcash and gradually receive the rewards.

How to use Zcash?

You can use Zcash to carry out anonymous transactions and protect your privacy while sending and receiving crypto payments. First, you must access a wallet service through which you can save your ZEC tokens and send them to other addresses (if you wish). To receive and send ZEC tokens, you will have to use an address provided by the wallet service, which looks something like this: t1Tnv7C1KXe3iq4sz1MoMBo52BXYNFkYrMD. After having specified the transaction details (Amount and address) the tokens will arrive in approximately 60 minutes.

Where can I buy/sell Zcash?

Anyone can buy or sell ZEC tokens through exchange platforms that support Zcash, or you could buy them from someone in your social circle who is interested in selling some. You can use the exchange platform of your choice, where you can deposit funds with fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP) through bank wire transfers/debit card or any other cryptocurrency.

How much is Zcash worth?

Zcash is worth USD $54.74 at the time of writing, about to test support levels at $54.53, which could be broken (with enough bearish volume) if price keeps dropping towards what would be the next significant support level at $51.65. If ZEC fails to break said support level, the price will most likely go up looking towards $58.06, where the 200 period EMA is settling.

How to get Zcash?

Many crypto users receive ZEC tokens as a payment method for their products/services, while others decide to invest money in exchange platforms where they can acquire them. There are other crypto platforms where it is possible to receive ZEC tokens (and other cryptocurrencies) as a reward through “rains” for participating in different pools, filling out surveys, staying active in the community chat and many other activities.

How to mine Zcash on Windows?

Zcash mining is a simple process and you just need to have the correct computer. The first thing the user must do is install the GPUs and modify the PC options for mining. Then you will need an address to receive your rewards, so you will have to choose between a Zcash wallet service or a hardware wallet, both of which are highly recommended in terms of security. Get some good mining software for Zcash (like nicehash) and join a pool where you can mine ZEC and wait to receive your rewards little by little.

How to convert Zcash to USD?

There are multiple alternatives to convert your ZEC tokens into USD. The most practical option is by depositing the amount to be traded on an exchange platform. After specifying the withdrawal method (such as bank wire transfers), indicate the amount to be transferred and wait for the business days for your withdrawal to be made successfully.

How to mine Zcash on Linux? (CPU mining)

The Zcash development team spent their time building their mining software packages so that Ubuntu and Debian operating systems would have access to the binaries. The first step after installation is to make sure first hand that the Apt supports are installed over HTTPS, then you will have to download and import the Zcash signing keys. Include the Zcash repository to all your sources and install the Zcash package. Here you will have to configure the software and wait for the download time to finally look for a wallet, join a pool and start mining.

How to Mine ZCash on Linux

How to mine Zcash with NVDIA?

For GPU mining with NVIDIA the first step is to download the EWBF’s miner software, which you will later extract the folder you want. Make the relevant miner settings and obtain a Zcash address to receive the mining rewards. Join one of the available pools (like Nanopool or Dwarfpool) and configure the start.bat file. Choose the servers and check the availability of memory greater than 16 GB to start the Zcash mining.

What is Zcash mining?

Zcash (like many other cryptocurrencies) has a network that depends directly on the miners so that more transactions can be processed, while the nodes verify them and help maintain the stability of the network. Miners fulfill their vital role thanks to the processing power that the PC may have.

What algorithm is Zcash?

Initially, Zcash had the SHA-256 algorithm, which was inherited from Bitcoin, although in 2014 there was an update to the algorithm and Equihash was established. Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich were the creators of this algorithm which is based on a computational science and cryptographic concept called Generalized Birthday Problem. Equihash has proven to be a much more efficient alternative and is resistant to ASIC and FPGA mining, thus allowing Zcash mining with simpler hardware parts and CPUs.

How to build a Zcash mining rig?

The best practice to build a mining rig is to focus on a GPU. First, keep in mind that if you build a machine that processes a high capacity in hashrates, the electricity consumption will be higher, so you probably want to establish neutral values in that regard. Get a motherboard that can work with the graphics cards you must have to build the rig (NVIDIA and AMD GPUs are highly recommended). Get and set up an electrical transformer or some high voltage device that can supply enough electrical power to your rig. Invest in a good cooling device so you don’t suffer from overheating problems and lose your investment. Get a high-capacity processor so that the device runs smoothly and look for an adaptable frame, which will be the case of your rig and will keep all the pieces together.

How to invest in Zcash?

You can invest in Zcash by buying ZEC tokens at a very favorable price or you can trade Zcash futures as long as the platform really supports trading. Another way to invest in Zcash is to have a PC with video cards capable of maintaining efficient mining. Any of these options will keep you receiving ZEC tokens continuously.

How to mine Zcash amd?

The best alternative to mining Zcash with an AMD GPU is to install Claymore’s mining software, which you can obtain through its official website. Download, install and configure the file so that you specify your Zcash address where you will receive your mining rewards and join a mining pool like Flypool, for example. Choose the servers and configure the codes to proceed to verify your memory capacity. Once you make sure you have a good enough memory to start mining, you can start.

How does Zcash work?

Zcash works with two addresses: the (z-addresses) and transparent (t-addresses). Private addresses start with a “z”, and transparent addresses start with a “t”. A transaction from z to z appears in the block explorer, so you can tell it occured and that the fees were paid. However, the addresses, the transaction amount and the memo field are encrypted and not publicly visible. This is possible through the use of zero-knowledge protocols. A job that is possible thanks to the use of zk-SNARKs.

How to mine Zcash with Minergate?

To connect with the Minergate mining pool, you must make sure to install software 100% compatible with your operating system and the hardware you have, remember that the processing capacity and the hashrate are fundamental factors in the mining of any cryptocurrency. Miners supported by Minergate are Nicehash, Silentarmy, and Claymore. Download any of them and install the software. Execute the file, make the relevant configurations, specify your wallet and you can connect the pools to start mining ZEC.

How to track Zcash transactions?

You can track ZEC transactions depending on the type of address used to send the funds. If we are talking about a “T-T” address, yes, if it is a “Z-T” address, it can only be partially traced and if it is “Z-Z” it is totally untraceable. You can search for ZEC transactions on sites like “Explorer.zcha.in” if the address is traceable.

Can you track transactions on Zcash?
byu/bijansha inzec

How to mine Ethereum and Zcash dual?

Although dual mining is possible by getting the necessary GPUs and taking all precautions, the hashrate of one of both cryptocurrencies will fall and the graphics cards suffer a high risk of overheating. From an electric power point of view it is not profitable either and the service costs would be much higher. It is not recommended to assemble hardware pieces in one to mine ETH and ZEC at the same time.

Help with dual mining Eth + ZCash (ethOS 1.2.5)
by inethOSdistro

How do I convert Zcash in my Jaxx wallet to USD into my bank account?

The jax wallet doesn’t let you send your funds to your bank account directly, so you have two options: You can either swap you zec coins to another more popular crypto like Bitcoin or Ethereum in the jaxx wallet and then send the fund to a platform LocalBitcoin where you can sell it directly to another person. The second option is to send you ZEC coins to an exchange that supports Zcash and allows you to send and receive money from your bank account directly.

How to register a Zcash payout address?

In Zcash mining the payout addresses must be obtained to receive the rewards. To add your rewards you must go to “Payout settings” in your mining software. If you don’t have a Zcash payment address yet, you will need to obtain one from a reputable wallet service or purchase a hardware wallet where you can store your ZEC tokens.

How to make money with Zcash difficulty?

Zcash’s mining difficulty determines how difficult it will be to mine the next block and the miners win depending on the number of blocks they manage to mine, thus verifying the transactions that take place within the network. The most direct way to keep up with the difficulty of ZEC mining is to have a good processor, high-capacity GPUs, and enough power so that the hashrate can be high enough and maintain constant performance.

How to send a shielded transaction with Zcash?

The first step will be to generate an address that begins with “z” since these are designated for shielded transactions in the Zcash network. When making a transaction with this ZEC address, only the amount is sent and it is not shown from where or to where those tokens are being sent. You can use wallet services that support Zcash and allow this type of transaction, as in the case of Zecwallet (which is also available for iOS mobile devices).