ZCash Casinos – Anonymous Crypto Gambling

Zcash is slowly gaining its roots in the crypto currency world, making it a popular choice for people that think they are behind the Bitcoin race. With the design of Zcash and how it is made somewhat similarly to Bitcoin, but with its complete privacy, people now rather choose to mine, buy, and gamble using Zcash.

Zcash was introduced and launched in 2016 and became popular in the gambling scene because of its nature of being anonymous. Unlike its big brother, Bitcoin, all transactions with Zcash can be made easily private by hiding the transaction information like the sender, and recipient of the crypto currency from the blockchain.

Gambling with the use of Zcash

If you have been gambling using crypto currencies, then using Zcash would be easier for you to understand. Just like any other coins out there today that can be used in online casino websites, Zcash has their own wallet and addresses which you are able to connect to any casinos that accept the coin. If you are new to Zcash, you can easily learn more about it through their official website which can be accessed here.

Websites that accepts Zcash as a currency

Knowing that there are online casinos out there that accept Zcash as a currency is one thing, but knowing which websites actually accept the coin is another. Today, we will be talking about the websites that accept the currency and the features they have and promote for people that are interested in gambling using their Zcash currency.

Below are the websites that currently accept Zcash.

Zcash Gambling with 1xbit.com

Creating an account with 1xbit.com as easy as you might imagine it would be. Register an account; choose which currency you want to play with, in our case mZEC and start exploring their website. The first thing I noticed was their sports book.

1xbit.com is not just an online casino website, but it is also a full-fledged sportsbook wherein you are able to bet on your favorite sports at. From Football to Biathlon to eSports games, you can easily find a match and odds listing here at 1xbitcom. To get to their sportsbook listings, all you need to do is click on the “Sports” tab and you will be redirected to a very long list of options you are able to bet on.

1xbit.com Live Games – Here at 1xbit.com, you are able to choose from two different live games tab. The first one would be the “Live” tab that includes all sorts of live games that are happening across the globe or the country you are playing at. They also have live previews of current playing sports and eSports games that are happening.

The second tab for the live games would be their “Live Casino” tab. With this tab, you are able to choose which game provider you want to go with. To name a few we’ve got Extreme Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Asia Gaming, and a lot more! All you need to do is click on any familiar game provider and you will be redirected to their live games lobby. Once inside the lobby, you are able to choose a handler name and an avatar. Games provided are Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and a bunch of numbers games. See the screenshot below with one of their live Roulette tables.

1xbit.com Games – Aside from the live games they offer, here at 1xbit.com you are of course, able to play regular games. You can choose from a myriad of listed games from Blackjack, Scratch lottery, Slots, Dice Games, and Poker just to name a few. They actually have a lot of games to choose from and some can even be downloaded as an App. For example, their Poker tab can be played through an App you can download from PlayStore or the AppStore.

1xbit.com Conclusion – The website design isn’t the best in the world as all of the games are scattered in different tabs in which you would find yourself lost in just minutes! They do however have a fast responding website, which is always great when it comes to online casinos. Their live chat feature serves as the point of contact for issues that need immediate resolution. No FREE PLAY is provided for their games, which is a minus for me. All-in-all, this is a good place for you to gamble using your Zcash coins.

Zcash Gambling with Luckygames.io

Luckygames.io offers three of the most popular luck games for gambling. They have Dice, Roulette, Balls, and Cells. Each of these mentioned games has different rules to observe and all these games can be easily accessed through the tabs located on the right side of their website. There is no FREE PLAY available for all their games here at Luckygames.

Luckygames.io Games

  • Balls – The Balls game available here at Luckygames.io is basically a unique numbers game wherein you are able to choose from a set of numbers from 0-10 and even have the ability to run auto if you feel that you know how to play the game. After you have tweaked all the necessary components of the game, all you need to do to start it is to click “Run Magnet” and this will start the game for you.
  • Dice – The Dice game available is an automated dice game which you might be familiar with since this is probably one of the most common gambling games out there today. There are so many websites that offer this kind of dice game and to name one we have Satoshidice. The dice game is just like the rest, you can pick to either roll under or over. You are also able to change your bet amount and increase or decrease the winning payout per game.
  • Roulette – Despite the game design, they managed to put up a really decent Roulette game up for you to play with. Before you start the game, you can choose the chips you want to play with, the options start at 0.1 up to 1BTC.
  • Cells – At the time this review was written, their Cells game was not available for a review due to a maintenance that was running. Sadly, I am unable to give out any information regarding this game.

Luckygames.io Conclusion – The website is designed to have one game per tab, and for minimalist gamblers that like this idea, this website is perfect for you. Unlike any other online casino websites wherein you feel like you never run out of games, here you get exactly the opposite. Their website runs with Provably Fair, customer service runs through an email contact point and they also have affiliate program bonuses. With the 10% commission bonus, this is actually not bad compared to any other websites out there today.



Zcash Gambling with Zecvideocasino.com

Zecvideocasino.com has a retro vibe that contains all your retro needs. One great thing about Zecvideocasino is that you do not need to create an account to start playing. A random account is created for you every time you log into their website, making your identity secured and of course, cutting the registration process to zero.

Zecvideocasino.com Games

Here at Zecvideocasino.com, you are able to choose between 7 games. These games are namely Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Slots, and Dice. If you want to play a game with them, all you need to do is visit their website and you are ready to go! Since you do not need to register an account, you just need to pick a game and you can start playing.

Another feature of this website would be their FREE PLAY option which visitors are able to enjoy! In addition, Zecvideocasino has Provably Fair in all their featured games online. Not only that, they also have an additional Referral Program in which people are able to take advantage of. Once on their website, just click on the “Referral Program” tab and you will be given a unique referral link which you are able to use and start earning. Referral payouts can reach up to 25% of house edge, so yes, they give out serious rewards.

Zecvideocasino.com Conclusion – It is not that hard to like this website due to the simplicity it brings. Though it is obvious that if you are a person that loves diversity, then this is not a place for you to play at! Remember that they only have one game per genre, so do not expect to have options. The games respond fast and are not “laggy”, though they do need a better contact point for customer service as they only work with email. The referral program is always a plus when it comes to online casino websites. All-in-all, this website is good for people that do not mind playing the same game over and over again. If you want diversity, keep away from this website.




Zcash Gambling with Cryptosdice.com

*** Sadly, Cryptosdice.com closed their doors. ***

Just as you might have imagined, here at Cryptosdice.com, you are only able to bet your Zcash coins in an automated dice game. For all of you who are new to automated dice games, this is a dice game where you select your bet amount, adjust your odds and you will be given the total payout depending on the odds that you have chosen. You are also able to tweak the prizes by choosing the least odds available.

Cryptosdice.com Conclusion – Here at Cryptosdice, you do not get any options when it comes to playing other games. As you might have figured out by now, the website address says it all. They offer an automated dice game wherein you are able to choose your middle number and bet on high or low odds. Compared to any other dice websites, they do not offer auto play which is quite odd if you ask me. Aside from this, they do also have affiliate bonuses up to 20% of your affiliates. You can also be part of the bankroll (Invest) if you really want to rake in huge gains. This feature is actually really new to me and this is what sets them apart from any other gambling websites out there today. If you want to be an investor in the ZEC gambling world, this might be the website for you!

Zcash Gambling with Zcrash.io

Zcrash.io is way different from your average numbers website. Here at Zcrash, you need only to rely on your luck in order for you to win the numbers game. There isn’t really that much here at Zcrash, they do not have a sportsbook, and they do not have any casino games at all, all they have is this numbers game that you are able to read more about on this Strategy Guide made by the website creators themselves. You are able to read more about their deposits/withdrawals and many other FAQ’s through this link.

Zcrash.io Conclusion – The website is not a fully-pledged online casino if you ask me. This is just a website centered on their created numbers game wherein you are able to play on a manual perspective or auto if you wish to do so. The website homepage does not give that much-needed information for a new user, making it really hard for anyone to understand what is going on without reading their FAQ’s. On the other hand, though, their FAQ’s contain everything you need in order to understand what is going on. If you like a unique random numbers game, then this website is for you.


Zcash Online Casino Currency Conclusion

As of today, there aren’t that much available online casino websites that accept ZEC (Zcash) as a currency to play their games. But due to its popularity in the past few months, it cannot be denied that this currency will be a staple in casinos within the next few years. Remember, a crypto currency creates its value if people start using it frequently. Getting a currency moving within online casinos is great for the economy of a certain coin, and definitely, Zcash is getting into that position.

For now, try your luck in these Casinos accepting $ZEC: